Bop It Game

Bop it game is a musical challenge toy that can be played at a party.

Bop It GameThis hilarious game requires speedy reflexes and a rhythm section in the brain. Musical and spoken commands instruct players to Twist it. Pull it. Bop it. Pass it. Electronic impulses move the random play faster and faster; players have to keep up or risk the disappointment-filled recorded scream: Aoowww. Played alone or with a group, Bop It keeps score and keeps the beat. All the players have to do is keep on bopping, pulling, and twisting the button, knob, and ratchet. Cymbals crashing, bass drum booming, whistles shrieking ... who can resist?

Since its introduction in the 1990s, Bop It has cemented its place as a beloved electronic game. Its catchy phrases, combined with the need for rapid reactions, make it an irresistible challenge that can be enjoyed solo or as a spirited competition among friends.