Bratz Alarm Clock

Bratz Super-Star Style Alarm Clock

Bratz Alarm ClockYou'll never miss the party with this totally awesome, star-shaped alarm clock that features a large digital display, and lights up and plays a funky tune when acti-vated! Awesome Bratz-inspired art-deco ensures this clock will stay on the cutting edge of cool. Includes Bratz Super start -Style Alarm Clock. Features Totally Styling, Bratz-Inspired Fashion Decor, Digital Display, Points of Stars Light Up When Alarm is Activated, Funky Sound Plays When Alarm is Activated, Star is Adjustable for Different Positioning, Display Lights Up, Mode, Time, Alarm Adjust, and Snooze Buttons.

Bratz left an indelible mark on popular culture, influencing fashion, toys, and media targeting pre-teen and teenage audiences. The dolls' representation of diversity, fashion experimentation, and themes of friendship and empowerment resonated with many, especially those seeking alternatives to traditional doll lines.