Bratz FM Limo

Brats Radio Limousine

Bratz FM LimoTake the Bratz for a super styling ride across town with this awesome limousine that features a real working, digital FM radio, a totally cool horn, and awesome lights both inside and out. With three play set themes in one including a primping station, smoothie bar, cruising lounge. 15 styling accessories. Fits up to four Bratz dolls.

Bratz dolls gained a dedicated fanbase of collectors and enthusiasts who appreciated the dolls' aesthetic, diversity, and cultural impact. Collectors sought out limited-edition releases, vintage dolls, and special collaborations, contributing to the dolls' enduring popularity among a wide range of age groups.

The legacy of Bratz endures as a nostalgic symbol of early 2000s pop culture. Former fans and collectors fondly remember the dolls that once captivated their imaginations, and the Bratz brand remains a touchstone for discussions about fashion, empowerment, and the impact of toys on society.