Bratz Karaoke Machine

Bratz Krazy Kool Karaoke Machine with Monitor

Bratz Karaoke MachineBe a Bratz superstar with this totally-hot Karaoke machine that has a built-in 5.5 inch display so you can sing along in style. Take this Karaoke Machine with you for instant party action anywhere. Bratz Krazy-Kool Karaoke Machine w/ built-in Monitor, 2 Microphones with extra long cords. Features Totally-Stylin?, Bratz-Inspired Fashion Decor Tray loading CD+G disk player, Built-in 5.5 inch Black & White display makes it easy and fun to read the lyrics as they scroll across the screen, 2-Microphones, and jacks included so you can sing with your friends. LCD Display showing track, Volume Control, Special Effects features include Echo, Vocal-Vibration Effects AV & audio output jacks located in back so you can connect the Karaoke Machine to your TV or stereo system! Karaoke Machine also has convenient carrying handles on the sides.

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