Bratz Keychain Organizer

Bratz Key chain Organizer

Bratz Keychain OrganizerDon't lose your fashion sense: get organized! This state-of-the-art,password protected electronic organizer features absolutely everything to keep you on the fashion forefront day and night. Whether it be storing phone numbers, keeping local and world time, or giving out daily fortunes, you're sure to never be behind the fashion times again! Includes Bratz On-The-Go Organizer and Belt-Clip and keychain band. Features Totally-Stylin?, Bratz-Inspired Fashion Decor, Password Protected, LCD Screen, Stores Over 120 Phone Numbers, Keeps Local and World Time, Stopwatch and Alarm Clock, Tells Your Fortune, Belt-Clip, Performs Currency Converter Calculations, Plays Fun Games, Odometer Feature Counts Your Steps and Tells You How Far You've Walked. Keychain Band With Bratz Printing on It.

While the Bratz franchise gained immense popularity, it also faced criticism for its provocative appearance and perceived influence on young girls. Some critics argued that the dolls promoted unrealistic beauty ideals and premature emphasis on appearance. The franchise was involved in legal disputes over ownership rights and copyright infringement, adding to the controversy surrounding the brand.