Bratz Tokyo a Go-Go

Fashion dolls with exotic fashion, play dance and skate club, and cyber pets with light up eyes that show their mood

Bratz Tokyo a Go-GoAnything goes in Tokyo as the Bratz mix and match the craziest and coolest looks in an up-to-the-minute fashion flash of color and style. With styling accessories, plus a collectible cyber-pet and personal electronic item, this is one party you just cannot miss. Get ready to dress up and groove on down at the coolest retro-disco roller derby around, the Tokyo A Go-Go Dance and Skate Club. With five exciting areas of party-fun, plus a doll dance floor that lights up, a DJ booth that revolves in place, and an automated roller-rink that actually lets your Bratz roller-boogie and spin in circles around the cafe, it is time to go-go to the disco. The Sushi Lounge features exotic play food and super styling atmosphere. With a karaoke stage and mic stand, this set is sure to keep them coming back for seconds. Bratz cyber pets have light up eyes that show their mood: toy puppy, bunny, and monkey.

Bratz cultivated a dedicated fan community that embraced the dolls' uniqueness and creativity. Fans of all ages celebrated the brand through fan art, social media, and nostalgia-driven conversations, demonstrating the lasting connection and impact the dolls had on their lives.