Bratz Twins

Sisters Phoebe and Roxxi have two different personalities and come with mix and match styles and accessories that they share

Bratz TwinsIt's twice the fashion fun with Phoebe and Roxxi, two new Bratz sisters on the block. With distinctive fashion personalities (one girl is wild; the other is sweet), plus the coolest fashions ever, these styling sisters are sure to be all the rage with collectors and kids around the world. Includes tons of mix and match styles plus two exclusive, collectible keychains. The doll twins come with pants, tops, jackets, shoes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, makeup compacts, brushes, keychains, and handbags.

Over the years, Bratz underwent several makeovers and rebranding efforts. In response to feedback, the dolls were relaunched with a more natural appearance and a renewed focus on empowerment and positive messaging, aligning the brand with evolving cultural norms and values.