Bratz Magic Hair Color

Five-in-one magic hair color with highlights

Bratz Magic Hair Color When you are the hair designer, you can go wild with color. Mix and apply your own creative color streaks with a professional-style brush. Add extra sparkle with hair glitter. Style with hair clips. You can even create a hair color makeover for yourself. Give Fianna, Cloe, Leaha, or Sasha a whole new look with the fourteen inch Bratz Magic Hair Color Torso Cloe doll. Now, you are the stylist. Kit comes with five tubes of bright hair color cream and two bottles of glitter gel, so you can create a sparkly, streaked look for your doll.

One of the defining features of Bratz dolls is their distinct personalities and styles. Each Bratz character possesses a unique persona that corresponds to her fashion preferences, interests, and background. From the sporty and outgoing Sasha to the creative and artsy Jade, the dolls celebrate individuality and diversity, allowing young fans to identify with characters that resonate with their own aspirations and passions.