Bratz Girls Really Rock Dolls

Bratz girlz really rock to a different beat

Bratz Girls Really Rock DollsUnleash your inner rock star with the nine inch Bratz Girlz Really Rock dolls. Really Rock Sasha comes ready to hit the stage with two fabulous outfits. Sasha can strum the strings on her gold electric guitar, or pound the chords on her keyboard. Punk Jade, Hip Hop Sasha and Rock Star Cloe come in super cool rock star. Each Bratz works her own rock-star style with two trendy outfits and a toy musical instrument.

Bratz extended beyond the realm of dolls to encompass a wide range of media and entertainment offerings. Animated television series, movies, video games, and webisodes allowed fans to immerse themselves in the Bratz world and follow the characters on various adventures. The multimedia approach helped solidify the dolls' status as beloved cultural icons.