BTR Transformers

Built to Rule Transformers

BTR TransformersBuilt to Rule Action Building Sets let you build and battle your favorite Transformer characters. Build them into their vehicle modes, and then change them into their robot modes. The Smokescreen comes with a firing missile launcher and includes the Buildable Liftor Mini-Con. Includes 39 pieces.

The mythical origins of Transformers trace back to the distant planet Cybertron, home to a race of sentient robotic beings. These beings eventually diverged into two main factions: the noble Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, who seek peace and coexistence, and the malevolent Decepticons, commanded by Megatron, who thirst for power and domination. Their world's history is intricately linked to the AllSpark, a powerful and ancient artifact that gives life to Transformers and holds the potential to create or destroy. As the civil war between Autobots and Decepticons intensifies, the battle for control over the AllSpark escalates, ultimately endangering the very existence of their home planet. Their ongoing conflict eventually leads them to Earth, intertwining the fate of humans with these colossal extraterrestrial beings and their age-old struggle between good and evil.