Chemistry Set to Buy for Kids, Elementary Experiments, Simple Easy and Advanced Projects

Free Brochure from Dow Makes Chemistry Cool for Kids

Kids ChemistryChemistry sets have long been a popular educational tool, inspiring children to explore the fascinating world of science.

How can soap move a boat? Why does hot water crumble a carton of milk? These and other quirky questions were answered in "Chemistry: The Enabling Science," a free brochure from The Dow Chemical Company. Dow introduced the new brochure as part of its sponsorship of National Chemistry Week in October 2002.

"We want to help young students understand the world around them -- the magic of everyday life that is explained through science, specifically chemistry," said Richard Gross, corporate vice president of global research and development for Dow.

Designed for elementary school grades, the colorful brochure helps children understand chemistry and begin to "unlock the secrets of all the other sciences." Step-by-step instructions and explanations for eight separate experiments, which demonstrate the laws of physics and chemistry, are included. Ideal for students in grades three through five, the experiments can be performed at home or in the classroom. All the experiments are safe, but some could make a mess. Teachers and parents are encouraged to participate and assist.

"Teaching a child about surface tension with a toy boat, or gravity with a yo-yo, can spark their interest in science and lead to the continued pursuit of knowledge," added Gross. "The experiments serve as the 'hook' to get youngsters interested in careers related to science. The power of their ideas helps us to invent a better and sustainable future, one that balances economic, environmental and social responsibilities."

Chemistry Set to Buy for Kids - Great way to introduce children to science, but be careful. This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions or individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.