Compose and Play Orchestra - Fisher Price

An orchestra for baby.

Compose and Play Orchestra - Fisher PriceThis musical toy, from the Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony collection, makes almost any parent feel as if there is a little prodigy in the house. The collection of five colorful creatures, each playing an instrument, is so bright and engaging even you won't be able to keep your hands off it. With the flip of the on-off switch (which has two volume levels--hurrah.), you are treated to the soothing, classical masterpieces of Beethoven, Mozart, and others. The fun and learning come into play when your child picks up each of the animals and the song changes a bit. Your child actually controls the melody by adding or taking away the various members of this five-piece symphony. The bright green hippo can do a solo, but the song sounds much differently than when he plays with giraffe, elephant, or the whole crew. There are three nodes of play--voice, instrument, or both--and baby can switch among them by pressing one of the three big buttons on the front piece. The animals themselves are large, easy-to-grasp pieces that almost beg for you to pick them up and begin. The flashing lights beneath each animal add an element of surprise for growing babies. Starting with five basic classical works, babies can remove or add orchestra members to change the music and create new masterpieces. Each animal plays a different instrument, with over 100 musical combinations to mix and match. Three settings are available--instruments, voices, or a combination of both. The entire orchestra can play together, individually, or in various combos. Switch to the voice setting to hear the band members sing in different pitches. High-quality orchestral sound, dancing lights, and size-sorting fun, too.

Benefits of Musical Toys for Young Children

Musical toys have a magical way of captivating young children's hearts and minds. Beyond the joyful sounds they produce, these toys offer a range of developmental benefits that contribute to a child's overall growth and learning:

Sensory Stimulation: Musical toys engage multiple senses—sight, touch, and hearing. The combination of vibrant colors, varied textures, and enchanting melodies stimulates sensory exploration and development.

Aural Development: Exposing children to musical sounds from an early age enhances their auditory skills. Different tones, rhythms, and melodies help children recognize and differentiate between sounds, laying the foundation for language and communication skills.

Fine Motor Skills: Many musical toys involve pressing buttons, turning knobs, or manipulating objects to produce sound. These actions refine fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and finger dexterity.

Cognitive Stimulation: Exploring musical toys introduces children to concepts such as cause and effect. They learn that their actions can produce specific outcomes, promoting early understanding of basic principles of physics and logic.

Language Development: Listening to songs and musical patterns exposes children to rhythm, rhyme, and repetition—essential elements of language development. These experiences lay the groundwork for building vocabulary and language comprehension.

Emotional Expression: Music has the power to evoke emotions and moods. Playing with musical toys allows children to express themselves and explore a wide range of feelings through sound and rhythm.

Creative Exploration: Musical toys encourage children to experiment with different sounds and melodies, sparking their creativity and fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Social Interaction: Sharing musical toys with peers or family members can lead to collaborative play, turn-taking, and shared enjoyment. Musical activities provide opportunities for social bonding and cooperation.

Memory and Pattern Recognition: Many musical toys feature recognizable tunes or patterns. Listening to and imitating these melodies strengthens memory skills and pattern recognition abilities.

Relaxation and Calmness: The soothing melodies of musical toys can have a calming effect on children, helping them relax and find comfort during times of stress or restlessness.

Cultural Exposure: Musical toys that incorporate different styles of music introduce children to cultural diversity and expand their musical horizons.

Positive Association with Learning: Playing with musical toys makes learning enjoyable and fun, setting a positive foundation for future academic pursuits.

Musical toys offer far more than mere entertainment—they contribute to a child's holistic development by engaging their senses, stimulating cognitive skills, fostering creativity, and enhancing social interactions. Through the world of melodies and sounds, young children embark on a harmonious journey of growth and discovery.