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Let's Rock Elmo - Monster of Rock takes it to the streets.
Rock Star Mickey - Musical plush toy from Disney and Fisher Price.
Learn through Music Pad - Through rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, chose from dozens of songs, karaoke style, for learning that is both fun and educational.
Dance Star Mickey - Interactive Mickey Mouse walks, talks, dances, and sings.
Paper Jams Guitar - Instant rock star stringless guitar.
Jamming Band Musical Microphone - Real working microphone built into a sit-to-stand musical activity center.
UCreate Music - You create digital music mixing system.
My Tune TV - MyToonTV - a cool new thing for your TV - turn anyone into a toon.

Barbie GuitarBarbie Jam with Me Electric Guitar Barbie karaoke pretend guitar with vocal tracks cartridge, whammy bar and headset microphone.
InstrumentsDisney Princess Music and Magic Instruments Chirp and chime flute, royal rhythm five piece percussion set, and spinning starlight guitar.
iDogiDog Music Toy listen to your songs while connected responsive toy pet rocks out with lights and motion, moving and grooving to the beat.
iZiZ Interactive Music Toy DJ animatronic poseable music character plays songs and responds to the rhythm and tracks of any music source.
Play It NowPlay It Now digital audio recorder from Tiger Electronics lets you record music from any headphone jack - just plug, record, and play.
Donkey KongaDonkey Konga Nintendo Game Cube bongo drum music rhythm game is played to the beat through a drumming controller interface.
Groove ItGroove It dance toy from the makers of Bop It senses your motion as you follow lights to the rhythm of the music.
Learn Through MusicLearn Through Music features children's favorite characters such as Barney, Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Sesame Street's Elmo.
Drum MasterTaiko Drum Master Namco Playstation 2 Japanese drum rhythmic skills drumming game includes popular hits and orchestral classics.

Air Snares Drumming Game - Drums you can pay anywhere - the more you play the better you get.

Bach Rock Guitar - Even little musicians will find that it's simple to switch from classical violin to rock guitar with a quick tug on the neck.

Compose and Play Orchestra - Fisher Price - An orchestra for baby.

Crocodile Xylophone - 2-in-1 Crocodile Keys Musical Instrument by Fisher-Price.

E-kara Karaoke - Ekara - Plug e-kara into your TV, pop in a cartridge and you can live out your Pop Diva fantasies every day!

Ekara Pro Headset - Promoted by Jamie Lynn Spears.

Ekara Real Karaoke - Includes new cartridges and duet headset system.

Jumbo Music Block - Helps children learn shapes, colors, and dressing skills.

Kick and Play Piano - This soft, fabric-covered keyboard is alive with color, lights, sounds, and friendly animal faces.

Leap Frog Learning Drum - LeapFrog learning drum toy.

Light and Music Mat - Gymini Super Deluxe Light and Music Mat.

Magical Moves Keyboard - Make music using infraraed technology.

Mozart Magic Cube - Create millions of Mozart musical masterpieces.

Musical Hands Mat - The Musical Hands Mat helps develop coordination and teaches cause-effect principles.

Music and Lights Sit and Spin - Your kids will love taking this whirling wonder for a spin just as much as you'll enjoy watching them.

Musini Music Toy - The simple vibrations and movements that children make are converted to music.

New Jam Guitar Game - Nu Jam Guitar from the makers of Bop It : Hasbro Games and Tiger Electronics.

Baby Smartronics Nursery Rhymes Bus - Learning nursery rhymes bus.

First Act Student Guitar - Good first guitar.

Singing Starz Video Karaoke Machine - Stars - Karaoke machine with video camera.

Toy Drum - Little RhythmMaker Toy Drum.