Connect 4x4

Four-by-four double grid four-player game

Connect 4x4A four-in-a-row game for four players. The grid and the number of players is doubled for more challenge and fun. Take turns dropping a checker into the grid to create a line of four checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, just like the original Connect 4. The double-sided grid allows you to make a line on either side, or by weaving through from one side to the other.

Connect Four, with its familiar grid and brightly colored discs, has long been a cherished game for players of all ages. At its core, the game combines simplicity with deep strategic depth. Here's what makes Connect Four so delightful:

Connect Four manages to blend simplicity with intricate strategy, providing endless entertainment. Its timeless charm makes it a game that can be enjoyed again and again, whether as a quick diversion or a heated battle of wits.