Counting Puzzles

Hands Counting 12-piece Peg Puzzle

Counting PuzzlesThis 9" x 12" puzzle represents left and right hands. Each finger is numbered to make counting for the first time fun!. Small hands can easily remove each piece revealing a matching full color illustration underneath. The puzzle develops dexterity, counting skills and improves hand-eye coordination.

How Puzzles Can Teach Counting

Puzzles can be an educational tool with a multitude of benefits for young learners. Especially when it comes to teaching counting, puzzles provide an engaging, hands-on method for children to grasp the basics of numbers. Here's how puzzles can facilitate this essential skill:

Puzzles are an effective tool in making abstract concepts, like numbers and counting, tangible for young minds. Their interactive nature, combined with the visual and tactile aspects, offers a comprehensive learning experience that can lay a strong foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future.