Cube World

Stick people who live in colorful cubes interact with each other when stacked on top of each other or connected side by side

Cube WorldIn 2005, Radica Games developed an innovative electronic entertainment product that puts a new twist on an old classic and brings stick people into the future.

Imagine stick people sticking together, interacting like real people, and actually waving to each other, playing, or even getting upset.

"There's a certain kind of magic in Cube World," said Radica CEO Pat Feely. "The nearly endless interaction of what the stick figures can do, individually or once connected, brings excitement to kids of all ages."

Hitting stores in time for the holidays, CubeWorld is available this fall at select specialty retailers like Brookstone for approximately $30.

"Because of its fun, interactive nature, we believed Cube World would be an ideal addition to our assortment of innovative products and popular with our customers looking for a unique holiday gift for kids and adults alike," said Robert Padgett of Brookstone.

Cube World was a unique, interactive world that features stick people sticking together. Four colorful cubes house an individual stick person living inside and can be connected to form block parties. Once connected, whether the cubes are stacked on top of each other or side-by-side, the stick figures begin interacting with each other. Players can play games with the individual stick figures, but the real fun lies in connecting the cubes and watching the stick figures interact, whether they climb into each others' cubes to play with each other.

Cube World Features