Cubix Robots

High-tech, robotic toys

Cubix RobotsIn 2003, Trendmasters captured the high-tech, robotic world of Cubix in its all-new line of action and play figures.

Trendmasters took action figure play to a whole new dimension with the debut of its innovative line Cubix, licensed by Leisure Concepts, Inc., a subsidiary of 4Kids Entertainment. The toy line was based on the new Cubix CGI animated series, created by 4Kids Entertainment, CINEPIX and Daiwon, that is set to debut on KidsWB! in Spring 2001.

The Cubix storyline is filled with action, adventure and friendship. In the future world of Cubix, robots are part of everyday life-directing traffic, teaching school and even fighting crime. Robots are equipped with an EPU (emotion processing unit) to give each a personality of its own. The series will follow the adventures of its hero and his robot pal as they embark on comical adventures and ward off their evil nemesis, Dr. K.

"Cubix is a natural extension of Trendmasters' lines of imaginative, forward-thinking entertainment products," says J. Russell Hornsby, chief executive officer of Trendmasters. "The Cubix link between robotics and animation perfectly matches the innovations which exemplify Trendmasters-creative, futuristic and tech-friendly."

The Cubix line captures the stylized look and individual personalities of this world of robots and features collector Cubix cards that "program" the action figures when the card is scanned through the figure, prompting a special sound or action.

"We are excited to present Cubix to the industry at Toy Fair," states Al Kahn, chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment Inc. "The unique animation style coupled with the introduction of Trendmasters' exciting product line represents a coordinated marketing effort that will bring the world of Cubix to kids everywhere."