Dazzling Princess Doll

Spectacular beauty

Dazzling Princess Doll - Cinderella - Cinderella is outfitted in spectacular style for her appearance at the royal ball, recreating the look of her dazzling ball gown from the Disney movie. The full-skirted dress is created from powder blue satin, with pretty puffed sleeves and glittery accents of blue organza. Cinderella also wears long white gloves, pearl earrings, a nonremovable white tiara, and--of course--those famous "glass" slippers, which are recreated in sparkly clear plastic. Touch the tiny button on Cinderella's back and her special shoes light up with a short sequence of magical harp music. (Three included button cell batteries power the special effects.) The tiny lights are actually inside her feet, and the shoes are removable for acting out the story. Cinderella's long, blonde hair is styled in a dramatic upswept style with short, curly bangs, and a small hairbrush is included to keep her looking like a proper princess.

Dazzling Princess Doll - Sleeping Beauty - Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! Surely 100 years of beauty sleep is quite enough for any pretty princess. If the princess is still a little sleepy, just press the tiny button on her back, which causes a short sound effect of magical-sounding music and lights up her attached golden crown. (The special effects are powered by three included button cell batteries.) Sleeping Beauty is regally outfitted in a sparkly pink gown with pink ribbon trim, gold fabric accents, and glittery gold leaves covering the transparent overskirt. Pink heels and a gold necklace complete her attire, which is styled to resemble her outfit in the Disney movie. Her crowning glory is her waist-length blonde hair styled in bouncy ringlets that cascade past her off-the-shoulder neckline. A small hairbrush is included for last-minute touchups after a long nap.

Dazzling Princess Doll - Belle - Belle is an undeniable beauty in her sunny-yellow dress styled just like Belle's dress in the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Her gown features a full skirt made of crinkly, shiny fabric, long brocade gloves, and a brocade top with a red rosebud at the neckline. Press the tiny button in Belle's back and the rosebud lights up with a short chiming sound effect that lets everyone know that magic is in the air. The rosy red glow comes from a light hidden inside Belle, powered by three included button cell batteries. Belle's accessories include an attached crown, tiny gold earrings, and yellow heels. Her beautiful brown hair cascades down to her waist in soft curls, and a small hairbrush is included so she can look her best for dinner with the Beast.