GX Skate

Gyro balanced finger skateboard does amazing tricks and stunts

GX SkatePowered by a Gyro spinning at 12,000 RPMs, these finger sized skateboards enable kids to easily perform some of the most extreme skateboard stunts with GX Skate Packs. The new GX Skate from Jakks Pacific features trick gyros, tricks, decks, trick park, 1/4 pipe. The motto is: it's GX or it's junk. The gyros are interchangeable and there are two modes: on-track and off road. Pull the rip cord and the gyro is in action, enabling the skateboard to do gravity-defying stunts.

Tiny skateboards equipped with gyroscopes offer an exciting and unique play experience that combines the thrill of skateboarding with cutting-edge technology. The fusion of these elements introduces a range of captivating benefits that make playtime truly enjoyable:

Dynamic Tricks: The gyroscopic technology enables tiny skateboards to perform impressive tricks, spins, and flips that mimic the agility of real skateboarding.

Intuitive Control: Gyroscopes enhance the skateboard's stability and responsiveness, allowing players to control the tiny skateboard with precision and ease.

Enhanced Maneuverability: The gyroscopic stabilization empowers players to navigate obstacles and curves smoothly, replicating the fluid movements of a real skateboard.

Active Play: Playing with a tiny skateboard engages children in physical activity as they manipulate the skateboard's movements, promoting coordination and exercise.

Indoor Entertainment: Tiny skateboards can be enjoyed indoors, offering a convenient and weather-independent way to experience the excitement of skateboarding.

Imaginative Play: Children create imaginative scenarios and environments for their tiny skateboards, envisioning mini skate parks and gravity-defying stunts.

Learning Balance: The gyroscopic technology encourages players to explore balance and control, helping them develop a better sense of equilibrium.

Technological Marvel: Combining skateboarding with gyroscopes introduces children to basic principles of physics and mechanics in an engaging and accessible manner.

Miniature Realism: The tiny skateboard's authentic movements and tricks provide a taste of the exhilaration of skateboarding, scaled down to a manageable size.

Social Play: Tiny skateboard play can be enjoyed with friends and family, fostering friendly competitions and opportunities for shared playtime.

Concentration and Focus: Playing with a gyroscopic skateboard requires concentration and focus, promoting mindfulness and immersive play experiences.

Collectible Appeal: Tiny skateboard enthusiasts may enjoy collecting different designs, models, and accessories, adding an element of customization to play.

Safe Exploration: Gyroscopic stabilization reduces the risk of falls and accidents, allowing children to experiment with tricks and movements without major risks.

Curiosity and Exploration: The blend of technology and play encourages children to explore how gyroscopes work and how they affect the skateboard's movements.

Modern Thrills: Tiny skateboards with gyroscopes combine the excitement of skateboarding with modern technology, creating a unique and captivating play experience.

The fusion of gyroscopes and tiny skateboards results in an innovative and dynamic playtime experience that offers a taste of real skateboarding excitement while promoting active play, coordination, and creative exploration.