Digging Beach Toys

Giant Beach and Storage Pail Set

Digging Beach ToysThis 12 piece set is packed inside a nearly 5 gallon beach pail large enough for play in the sand and as storage for all of the colorful beach toys.

The 12-piece beach play set is a comprehensive kit designed for endless fun and creativity on the beach. Housed in a spacious five-gallon beach pail, the set includes a ten-inch beach pail, two sand castle molds, one sand sieve, one bucket, one rake, two shovels, one boat, and two smaller sand molds. With such a wide variety of tools and molds, several children can play together at once, each engaging in different activities. They can work collaboratively to build intricate sand castles using the molds, dig and sift sand with the shovels and sieve, or create imaginary water adventures with the boat. The additional pails and buckets allow for even more sand play and water transport, encouraging teamwork and shared creativity. Whether they are playing together or exploring individually, this 12-piece set offers something for every child, making it a perfect addition to any beach outing.