Dora Links

Dora doll solves mysteries in an online world

Dora LinksDora lives in an online world with her friends and attends school. Girls can explore, play games, customize and solve mysteries with Dora and her friends. By plugging the Dora Links doll into a computer, girls can access Dora's interactive online world. And, through this exciting new innovation in computer-connected play, as girls are playing with Dora in her online world, they can customize their doll and watch as she magically transforms right before their eyes. By changing Dora's hair length online, the Dora Links doll magically changes as well. Plus, as girls explore and solve online mysteries, the doll's speech will change to correspond with their play. The Dora Links doll also has an alert system; she knows when new mysteries have been added to the Dora Links site.

Throughout her adventures, Dora is accompanied by her trusty map and backpack, both of which become endearing characters in their own right. The map provides helpful navigation, while Backpack magically contains a variety of tools that assist Dora in overcoming challenges. These imaginative elements add a touch of whimsy and wonder to each episode.