Suds and Surprise Dora

Fisher-Price warm water magic Dora the Explorer bathtub doll

Suds and Surprise DoraThe Suds and Surprise Dora the Explorer doll is ready for fun in or out of the tub. For play during bathtime, Dora's base suctions securely to the bathtub wall, and warm water reveals an undersea design on her face. Suds and Surprise Dora is a styling head that you can use in and out of the tub. Out of the tub, Dora is themed for a fiesta. Use cold water in the applicator to add butterfly and star face paint to Dora's cheeks and put color change hair clips in her hair. In the tub, the base suctions securely to the bath wall. Warm water also adds magic pink streaks to Dora's hair and changes the color of her bathing suit. Out of the tub, use cold water to add butterfly and star designs to Dora's cheeks, and change her hair color again. In warm water, the decoration in Dora's swim suit changes and an undersea design appears on her face. You can also pour warm water from the sea horse pitcher to add pink streaks to Dora's hair.

Central to the show's success is its emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Dora's adventures take her through various cultural landscapes, showcasing different traditions, languages, and customs. This exposure to diversity fosters a sense of understanding and respect among young viewers, promoting cultural awareness and global appreciation.