Taiko Drum Master

Namco Playstation 2 Japanese drum rhythmic skills drumming game includes popular hits and orchestral classics

Taiko drumming, a traditional Japanese art form, is a dynamic and rhythmic style of percussion that has captivated audiences worldwide. Utilizing large barrel-shaped drums known as 'taiko,' performers combine powerful drumming techniques with choreographed movements to create an enthralling visual and auditory experience. Taiko drumming is not merely about producing sound; it embodies a spiritual and communal aspect, often performed in festivals, ceremonies, and theatrical performances. The drummers use bachi (drumsticks) to strike the drum heads with precision and strength, creating a wide range of tones and rhythms. The performance is often accompanied by other traditional instruments, such as flutes and shamisen, adding to the richness of the musical ensemble. Taiko drumming's blend of rhythm, movement, and cultural tradition makes it a unique and mesmerizing art form that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Drum MasterIn 2004, Namco announced its official song list for Taiko Drum Master, the highly anticipated game challenging rhythmic skills through fun drumming game play. Developed by Namco, Taiko Drum Master shipped exclusively for the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system during that year's holiday season.

Taiko Drum Master offers thirty-one songs in its diverse catalog, including well-known hits from today's current chart-toppers to yesterday's favorites. In addition, the game incorporates a variety of orchestral classics as well as original music from the Namco library of video games. Taiko Drum Master offers the following songs:

Taiko Drum Master invites players to perfect the art of the Japanese drum -- the taiko -- through the use of a miniature Taiko Controller attached to the PlayStation 2 console. Players earn points to clear each stage of the game by tapping along with song rhythms on the surface and edge of the Taiko Controller. With whimsical graphics and orchestrated music, Taiko Drum Master allows players to hone their drumming skills alone or go head-to-head with friends in two-player mode. With more than 30 different songs and a variety of skill levels, Taiko Drum Master offers a unique game play experience filled with fun for all ages.