Baby Blocks

Baby's First Blocks

Baby BlocksBy handling and stacking blocks, babies learn so much--from what the different shapes feel like to how they fit together to what causes them to topple--and all the while, they are developing critical fine motor skills. These Winnie-the-Pooh soft blocks are shaped and sized just right for babies, encouraging plenty of experimentation. The set includes seven blocks: an arch (which makes a great base, bridge, or tunnel), two cubes, two pyramids, and two half-cubes . The blocks sport interesting colors such as neon green, magenta, and teal, in addition to some standard primary colors, and they feature familiar faces and objects from the Hundred Acre Woods. The soft, rounded corners are great for babies who are still in the oral exploration stage, and for added interest, the blocks squeak when squeezed and give off a distinct, but not overpowering, baby-powder scent.

Multi-shaped, multi-colored baby blocks are educational tools that contribute significantly to a child's cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Below are some of the key learning benefits:

Multi-shaped, multi-colored baby blocks are miniature educational powerhouses that boost various aspects of a child's development, making them an essential addition to any toddler's playtime repertoire.