Fisher Price Scooter

Roll-to-Pro Scooter

Fisher Price ScooterLoaded with kid-friendly features, this scooter makes learning to ride a breeze. Removable training wheels give beginners the help and confidence they need to get rolling and are easy to take off when kids are ready to ride without them. The nonskid, extra-wide board is designed just for kids, too, with plenty of foot room, awesome graphics, and a rear foot brake for easy stops. The steel-frame steering tube is height-adjustable so it grows with kids, and sure-grip handlebars are specially designed for use with wrist guards, which we've included. Hop on the scooter craze and roll like a pro.

A foot-powered scooter is a classic and exhilarating outdoor toy that provides children with a unique and enjoyable way to explore their surroundings. The combination of speed, balance, and physical activity contributes to the fun and popularity of foot-powered scooters. Here's why children love them:

  1. Sense of Freedom: Riding a foot-powered scooter offers a sense of freedom and independence as children glide along, controlling their own movement and speed. It allows them to explore their neighborhood or outdoor spaces with a feeling of autonomy.
  2. Active Play: Scooting requires physical effort, making it a fun form of exercise for children. Pushing off the ground and maintaining balance engages their muscles, promotes gross motor skills, and contributes to their overall physical development.
  3. Speed and Thrill: The thrill of gaining speed and feeling the wind against their face is an exciting sensation for children. The faster they scoot, the more exhilarating the experience becomes, providing a rush of adrenaline.
  4. Balance and Coordination: Riding a foot-powered scooter improves children's balance and coordination as they learn to steer, turn, and maneuver around obstacles. It challenges their motor skills and enhances their ability to control their body's movements.
  5. Outdoor Exploration: Foot-powered scooters encourage children to spend time outdoors, soaking in fresh air and sunlight. They can explore their environment, observe nature, and enjoy the outdoors while engaging in active play.
  6. Social Interaction: Scooter rides can become social activities as children gather with friends to ride together. They can race, play games, and have friendly competitions, fostering social interaction and cooperation.
  7. Confidence Boost: Mastering the art of riding a scooter boosts children's self-confidence and self-esteem. Overcoming challenges and learning new skills gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride.
  8. Creative Play: Children often use scooters as props in their imaginative play scenarios. A scooter can become a spaceship, a race car, or anything their imagination conjures up, adding an element of creativity to their playtime.
  9. Travel and Mobility: Scooters provide a mode of travel that allows children to cover longer distances than walking. They can easily explore different areas of their neighborhood, park, or playground in a relatively short amount of time.
  10. Simple and Portable: Foot-powered scooters are easy to use and transport. Children can quickly hop on and off, and parents appreciate the compact size and portability when taking them to parks or on family outings.

A foot-powered scooter offers children a fun and dynamic way to enjoy outdoor play, stay active, and experience a sense of adventure. Whether it's mastering new skills, racing with friends, or simply cruising around, the joy of scooting provides a memorable and enjoyable experience for young riders.