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Razor Introduces Mini-Bike, Electric Scooter and Three-Wheeler

ScooterScooters have seen significant advancements over the years, evolving from simple mechanical designs to sophisticated motorized versions

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In 2010, Razor introduced a line-up of electric-powered products loaded with gigawatts of power, light-years of speed and eons of fun. Razor's new inventions, the new Electric Punk mini-bike, XLR8R (pronounced accelerator) electric scooter and Electric Scream Machine three-wheeler are sure to top kids' wish lists. From slick chrome and cool designs to swift speeds (up to 10 mph) for pavement shredding, Razor's electric products are loaded with neighborhood-envy features. They are also sure to please parents thanks to Razor's signature safety standards -- completely enclosed motors and Razor's patented braking systems.

"Today's kids want the coolest, fastest ride-on toys," said Carlton Calvin, president of Razor. "If my own kids are any indication, Razor's new Electric Punk mini-bike, XLR8R electric scooter and Electric Scream Machine three-wheeler will give electrifying thrills to kids zipping through neighborhoods this summer."

Razor's electric products are a winning combination of environmentally friendly electric power (no air and noise pollution), high-quality materials, the latest technology, unique design and affordability. Each product comes complete with a wall charger unit.

The Electric Punk mini-bike is a cross between a tricked-out stunt bike and a motorcycle. Novice riders can kick back and let the motor do all the work while experienced riders can grind wheelies or tighten the shocks to get air off the Punk Ramp and Punk Rail. With a motor-cross flair to its design, this small but mighty bike features:

The Electric Punk mini-bike is for riders ages eight and up (maximum weight of 120 pounds).

The high-powered Razor XLR8R electric scooter gives kick scooters a fast boost, featuring:

The XLR8R is for kids ages eight and up (maximum weight of 120 pounds).

The Electric Scream Machine three-wheeler is a super-charged machine providing endless hours of motor-powered skid-outs. The Electric Scream Machine features:

The Electric Scream Machine is for kids ages five to 12 (maximum weight of 120 pounds).

"Razor is proud to enter the electric category with the most innovative and affordable products," said Calvin. "It is our mission at Razor to constantly predict trends and ensure that our products are durable, safe, affordable and most importantly, fun."