Drop and Roar Dinosaur

Fisher-Price learning infant playset with roll around friends

Drop and Roar DinosaurFisher-Price learning infant playset features a dinosaur theme and four roll around toy friends for baby. Color coordinated ball drops and ramps allow baby to follow the rounds down one of four paths accompanied by three colored lights and lively tunes. The blue path sends the round sliding down the dinosaur's tail. The yellow path is a drop through chute. The orange path features ramps and a swinging pendulum. The purple path sends the round down the dinosaur's neck, where the round comes rolling out the mouth as the toy dinosaur roars. There are busy activities that add to the play, including a twirling butterfly and a rattle bird. Ten songs and five sound effects encourage and entertain baby. Little baby creatures have unique actions.

Why Children Like Dinosaur-Themed Toys

The fascination children have with dinosaurs often seems as enormous as the prehistoric creatures themselves. There are several reasons why dinosaur-themed toys are so popular among kids:

With the combination of adventure, learning, and the inherent intrigue of these prehistoric giants, it's easy to see why dinosaur-themed toys have such a timeless appeal for children.