Funk and Glow Bratz Makeover

Girls with a passion for fashion

Funk and Glow Bratz MakeoverIf you know a young girl who loves experimenting with makeup and hairstyles, then Yasmin may make a welcome companion. This bust of the Bratz fashion doll is situated on a gray star-shaped base and stands about 10 inches tall. Her brown hair is down, ready for budding stylists to give Yasmin a unique appearance. Two blond hair extensions, two pink star-shaped hair clips, and a plastic star-shaped hairbrush are provided for more options. Yasmin also comes with the necessary items for a facial makeover. A container of clear gel and three containers of colored glitter (pink, purple, and silver) can be blended to create lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush. Use the two applicators and the fluffy white powder puff to apply the mixture to her face. A damp towel or tissue cleans her face for easy removal of mistakes or to start over on a new look. The makeup is also safe for young girls and can be cleaned off with soap and water.

A styling head is a captivating and creative toy that offers endless opportunities for young fashion enthusiasts to express their style and unleash their imagination. Here's a glimpse into why children love styling heads:

Expressing Creativity: Styling heads provide a blank canvas for children to experiment with different hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. This creative outlet allows them to express their unique sense of style and create looks that reflect their personality.

Exploration of Beauty: Children can delve into the world of beauty and grooming with a styling head. They can practice hairstyling techniques, apply makeup, and learn about skincare, fostering an early interest in personal care and grooming routines.

Imaginative Play: Styling heads encourage imaginative play as children take on the role of a hairstylist or makeup artist. They can invent stories, scenarios, and characters, enhancing their storytelling skills and imaginative thinking.

Skill Development: While playing with a styling head, children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they comb, brush, and style the hair. They also refine their artistic abilities by experimenting with color combinations and accessories.

Self-Expression: Styling heads empower children to explore their personal preferences and experiment with different looks. Whether they opt for glamorous, playful, or quirky styles, they learn that self-expression is a form of artistic and individual freedom.

Role Modeling: Children often look up to adults for inspiration. Styling heads allow them to emulate real-life hairstylists and makeup artists, fostering a sense of admiration for these professions and igniting potential career interests.

Confidence Boost: As children create beautiful and imaginative styles on the styling head, they gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities. This boost in self-esteem can extend beyond playtime into other aspects of their lives.

Social Interaction: Styling heads can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Children can take turns being the stylist and the "client," engaging in collaborative play, sharing ideas, and learning from one another.

Preparation for Real-Life Skills: Playing with a styling head lays the foundation for understanding basic hairstyling and makeup concepts. As children grow older, the skills they develop through play can serve as a starting point for learning practical grooming techniques.

A styling head captivates fashion-forward children with its potential for creativity, self-expression, and skill development. It encourages imaginative play, nurtures a sense of style, and offers a world of fun and exploration, making it a cherished addition to any young fashion enthusiast's playtime.