Furby Babies - Furbie Baby

Kid Sized Puzzle: Furby by Hasbro

Furby Babies - Furbie BabyThis is sure to be puzzling fun for young Furby fans. This jigsaw puzzle has 36 extra-large, extra-thick pieces and goes together to make an image of two Furbys--one, apparently, standing upside down on the head of the other. The complete puzzle is over 3 feet tall, and you can use Hasbro's Liquid Puzzle Saver (not supplied) to turn it into a permanent wall hanging. Want to hear the jabber of Furbish in your life? Announcing the newest addition to the fantastically faddish Furby family... Furby Babies! Smaller versions of the originals (but with louder and higher-pitched voices), the colorful Furby Babies can't wait to call you Mommy or Daddy and tell you they are hungry. This one is purple and green plush and has blue eyes, purple and white ears, and white, tufty fur running down its back. Don't forget to burp your Furby Baby after you feed it, or it will get fussy (hint: try the pacifier). Furby Babies adore being cradled, tickled, and hugged and will tell you they love you. Just like the originals, they'll charm you with their moving eyes, mouths, and ears, but this generation of Furbys is even more interactive: they are smarter, learn faster, and have more evolved personalities. They can even learn how to play games like hide-and-seek.

Furby Babies love playing with each other, too. You'll be fascinated as they interact differently with each other than they do with you. Available in a variety of colors. They require four AA batteries, not included. The new Furby Babies are truly amazing because during their incubation period, they gathered more intelligence and features than ever before anticipated! Furby Babies have a vocabulary 25% larger than the original Furby's, four times the interactivity when communicating with other Babies, and twice the amount of interactivity when talking with a Furby. They have more phrases and responses than Furby's, can tell the difference with whom they're conversing -- another Baby or a regular Furby, and know if their caretaker is a Mommy or a Daddy. They will refer to the caretaker as either Mommy or Daddy in the course of normal play. If one Furby Baby hears another Furby Baby asking for attention from their parent they will reinforce each others request. Babies talk differently when they talk with each other, just like kids would. They're a little more playful, a little ruder, and a little less respectful. You'll hear more burps and raspberries when a Baby talks to a Baby than when they talk to other Furby's. Hug and rock a Baby frequently and the Baby will come to prefer this type of interaction and will ask to be rocked, hugged, and tickled more frequently. After a play session, if one Furby Baby says to another, You're getting tired, the original Baby may respond by saying Yeah, I'm tired. I'm going nappy-poo. Babies are sweeter and more nurturing in personality and love to be rocked to sleep. Remember to burp your Babies after you feed them. They will learn English faster than original Furby's and can access their entire English vocabulary at once. Play three great games; hide-and-seek, Furby Baby Says, and Follow Baby. They also have lots of suprises known as Easter eggs built into them. All of this and much more in a nice, neat, smaller package with bright colors and a fabulous voice that is very endearing.