Furby Buddies

Cute, cuddly furby friends.

Furby BuddiesThis is sure to be puzzling fun for young Furby fans. This jigsaw puzzle has 36 extra-large, extra-thick pieces and goes together to make an image of two Furbys--one, apparently, standing upside down on the head of the other. The complete puzzle is over 3 feet tall, and you can use Hasbro's Liquid Puzzle Saver (not supplied) to turn it into a permanent wall hanging. Bean-filled Furby Buddies may not be high-tech and expensive, but their soft bodies make them ultimately more huggable! And, unlike their chatty relatives, they are lovably quiet. This four-inch Furby Buddy features the same comically soulful eyes, curious beak, webbed feet, and Mohawk hairdo as its cyberpunk cousins. Sensibly priced and surface-washable, it's sure to please Furby lovers everywhere. Furby Buddies each have their own special names. All your favorite Furbys in a Bean Bag Plush!

Jigsaw puzzles tap into a child's innate curiosity and desire for problem-solving, offering both a challenge and the satisfying reward of completion. The act of fitting pieces together to form a complete picture engages multiple cognitive skills, including spatial reasoning, memory, and fine motor skills. As children search for the right pieces and experience the "aha" moment when they fit, they gain a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-esteem. Puzzles also provide opportunities for social interaction when done collaboratively, helping children develop communication and teamwork skills. The tactile nature of handling puzzle pieces offers a break from screen time, making it a balanced activity that blends fun with learning. Additionally, the wide range of themes, from animals and landscapes to favorite TV characters, allows children to engage with subjects that interest them, making the experience even more enjoyable.