Geo Tracks Airport

You control the jumbo jet in this playset

Geo Tracks AirportThe playset includes a main tower with a kid-activated elevator, three bays for the plane to fuel up, fix up and board passengers, a security gate, a drop off platform, an RC jet plane and his pilot figure, who can sit and ride inside the plane. All of the new GeoAir remote control planes simply clip onto the flexible GeoAir track and fly around the entire playset performing loops, swoops and dives. The plane and sound effects can be activated using the easy kid-controls on the remote control. The flexible GeoAir track easily connects together and attaches to the tower and runway to form a figure 8. GeoTrax Airport can be expanded by connecting to other track sets.

An airport playset takes imaginative play to new heights, offering children a multi-faceted environment to explore roles, scenarios, and mechanics of air travel. With elements like runways, control towers, airplanes, baggage carousels, and security checkpoints, these playsets allow kids to mimic the bustling life of an airport. Children can pretend to be pilots navigating through the skies, air traffic controllers managing flight patterns, or travelers going on exciting adventures. The airport serves as a gateway to various destinations, and that expands the scope of the storytelling involved. Some playsets even come with interactive features such as lights, sounds, or moving conveyor belts, making the play experience all the more engaging. The process of checking in luggage, going through security, and boarding a flight gives children the opportunity to practice sequencing, organization, and social skills. Whether playing solo or with friends, an airport playset offers endless opportunities for creativity, learning, and, most importantly, fun.