Geometry Sorting Toy

Geometric Sorting Board by Small World Toys

Geometry Sorting ToySorting board with 4 different wood shapes. Each shape has 4 bright, colorful pieces for children to match to the correct shape and corresponding wood pegs. Children are endlessly taking things apart and putting them together, only to pull them apart again. This ageless game is capitalized upon by the award-winning Geometric Sorting Board. It focuses on attention-getting, easily grasped shapes that come in four colors. The challenge is to find which shape fits on which set of pegs. The circles have one hole, the rectangles two, the triangles three, and the squares four. They are perfectly sized to fit on a finger, too. Making different color patterns, counting, or stating the color before putting it on the 7-inch square wood base adds interest as your child develops a skill.

Note: Winner of the Good Toy Award from Parent magazine. Color, shape, and number are all part of the curriculum for this prize-winning wooden sorting board by Plan. Toddlers and preschoolers will find the painted wooden shapes easy to grasp and manipulate. Rotating the shapes and fitting them onto the pegs will enhance fine motor development. Matching the holes in each shape to the corresponding pegs, children will be able to sort by number and shape (circles have one hole; rectangles two; triangles three; and squares four). Or they can use the solitary peg (or no pegs at all) to sort by color. All shapes except for the circle can be fitted onto random pegs, one or two holes at a time, so they're conducive to all sorts of imaginative play. As visual and motor coordination improve, children may want to rotate the shapes so they can balance and stack them on top of the pegs.