Giggle Ball

Giggle Ball is actually several toys in one.

Giggle BallGiggle Ball is actually several toys in one. Shake it around and it rattles and makes a soft little hooting sound, follow the beads on the curved plastic and it's a miniature roller-coaster toy, or simply roll it across the floor as a fun, interactive ball. While it may be a stretch to call the sound this toy makes giggling, it still serves its intended purpose (captivating and amusing babies) quite nicely. There are smaller beads safely sealed inside plastic chambers to add more wonder, and loads of colors to catch the eye. It's also small and light enough to dangle over baby during diaper changes. Colorful rattle toy, easy to grasp Soft tubes connect toy and are perfect for teething Makes fun giggle sound.

A ball that also serves as a rattle combines two classic forms of play, capturing the interest of babies and young children alike. The spherical shape invites rolling, tossing, and grasping, aiding in the development of fine and gross motor skills. At the same time, the rattle component stimulates auditory senses and curiosity as it creates intriguing sounds when the ball is moved. This combination engages multiple senses, making it a versatile toy that can entertain a child in various settings, from tummy time to stroller rides. The multi-sensory experience keeps children captivated and encourages them to explore and interact with their environment, making a ball-rattle an excellent choice for both fun and developmental play.