Electronic Guess Who Extra

Electronic edition of classic game has tons of faces and funny sounds

Elecronic Guess Who ExtraThis additional and deluxe version of Guess Who has six total themes, over a hundred characters to play with, an electric timer, lights and sounds. The electronic board game contained within a new compact case that allows portability and instant play with no set up. It's the same classic game of Guess Who but with tons of fun extras. The new compact case lets kids can bring their gaming fun on the go.

An electronic version of the "Guess Who?" game brings a modern twist to the classic, adding layers of excitement and interaction that aren't possible with the traditional board game. The electronic elements often include lights, sounds, and sometimes even voice recognition, making the game more dynamic and immersive. Some versions offer multiple game modes or difficulty levels, allowing for customization according to the players' ages or experience levels. Timers and sound effects can add a sense of urgency that heightens the excitement of the deductive process. The electronic format is also more portable and easier to set up, making it convenient for on-the-go fun. This digital enhancement keeps the core essence of "Guess Who?" intact while amplifying its entertainment value, making it a hit with both new and returning players.