Handy Manny Fixit Motorcycle

You can fix the tailpipe, sidecart, engine, and gas - you can even transform Manny's fix-it motorcycle from Fisher Price into a chopper

Handy Manny Fixit MotorcycleHelp Manny fix his bike into a cool chopper. Manny's Motorcycle includes a blueprint that helps kids create the chopper. Manny's friends Rusty and Felipe are included. Handy Manny is off to his next job on his cool motorcycle just like he has on the show. The Manny action figure is poseable on or off the bike, which can also be customized into a sleek-looking chopper or rebuilt when it breaks. There are many things inside you can fix.

Handy Manny goes beyond entertainment by imparting important life skills and values to its young audience. Through Manny's problem-solving approach, children learn the importance of teamwork, patience, creativity, and perseverance. The show also emphasizes the value of community and helping others, as Manny and his tools work together to assist neighbors and friends in need. By presenting relatable challenges and solutions, Handy Manny encourages children to think critically, communicate effectively, and approach problems with a positive attitude.