Handy Manny Repair Shop

Twenty projects to build, including a bird house

Handy Manny Repair ShopPick the blueprint you want to work on and Manny will guide you through it. The kit includes over forty parts to do the projects. Handy Manny's tool bench is just like the one in his repair shop on the show. Comes with two of Manny's tool friends: Pat the Hammer and Felipe the Screwdriver. This toy encourages creative building play while also steering children toward the structured accomplishment of following directions and reaching a completed destination.

Handy Manny's endearing cast of characters, both human and tools, contribute to its universal appeal. Manny's diverse group of friends represents different cultures and backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and cultural awareness. The tools, each with their unique personalities and abilities, teach children about collaboration and embracing individual strengths. The show's positive messaging, catchy songs, and interactive elements further engage young viewers and make learning enjoyable. Overall, Handy Manny is a heartwarming and educational series that not only entertains but also encourages children to develop essential skills and values that will benefit them in their everyday lives.