Hanging Out House Set

Polly Pocket Treetop Clubhouse and Hangin Out House Gift Set

Hanging Out House SetYou've never played with Polly and her friends like this before. Now they have the ultimate house with lots of rooms, magnetic walls and pieces, including magnetic furniture for you to decorate the rooms over and over again! Polly and friends are magnetic too so you can stick them to the walls and furniture. The house has five rooms, over 25 pieces of furniture plus Polly, Lila, Shani and a pet dog, too! When you need a break from the house, join Polly and Rick at the coolest clubhouse ever. Stick them on the moving swing or have them climb the ladder to the top. Open the treehouse to reveal a den where you can place over 15 pieces, including magnetic furniture. You can arrange and rearrange the furniture in creative ways on the magnetic walls and floor. For the perfect camping adventure, hang the lantern and place Polly and Rick in their sleeping bags.

Children are often drawn to the enchanting world of Polly Pocket for its combination of miniaturization, creativity, and storytelling. The compact, pocket-sized playsets are not only easy to transport but also hold a sense of magic and wonder, as they open to reveal entire miniature worlds full of intricate details. These tiny settings—whether a beach, a shopping mall, or a fantastical palace—ignite kids' imaginations and allow them to craft endless narratives for their Polly Pocket characters. The characters themselves, often with changeable clothes and accessories, offer additional layers of personalization and expression. The small size of Polly Pocket toys also encourages fine motor skill development, as kids maneuver the tiny pieces. Moreover, the collectible nature of the sets and characters adds an element of excitement and a sense of accomplishment. All of these features combine to make Polly Pocket a timeless favorite that captivates children's hearts and minds.