Hotwheels Museum - Hot Wheels Hall of Fame

Hot Wheels Hall Of Fame Opens at Petersen Automotive Museum to Mark 35th Anniversary Honors Automotive History and Legends Of Speed, Power and Performance with Hot Wheels Attitude

HotwheelsIn celebration of its 35th anniversary, in 2003, Mattel unveiled the first-ever museum exhibit dedicated to the people, cars and moments in automotive history that embody the spirit of the landmark Hot Wheels line.

The Hot Wheels Hall of Fame is housed in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and offers a tribute to automotive culture from the Hot Wheels point of view. With interactive displays, an exhibit of six full-size cars and a collection of significant Hot Wheels cars from the past 35 years, the museum will showcase the coolest cars in the world and automotive milestones through history. From the original models and drawings of 1967-68 to life-size, fully operational versions of some of the most famous Hot Wheels cars ever produced, the Hall of Fame museum exhibit also provides a look inside the prolific Hot Wheels design studio.

The centerpiece of the exhibit, the Hall of Fame, honors the people, legendary vehicles and spectacular moments that reflect the power, speed and performance for which Hot Wheels cars are known.

The Hot Wheels Hall of Fame hosts a rotating series of exhibitions. Visitors will enjoy reviewing authentic 1:64-scale replications of the world's most popular automobile brands; its colorful commercial vehicles, trucks and other motor craft; and such popular original Hot Wheels designs as the Deora II and the Twin Mill. Parents are certain to recall the favorite Hot Wheels cars of their own childhoods, while youngsters will have the opportunity to relive the history of the modern automobile ... in miniature. The exhibit also provides a historical retrospective of the trends and fads in car culture.

But it's the 1:1-scale beauties that will truly make the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame a must-see destination. This rotating series of vehicles inspired by or recreated in the Hot Wheels line includes some of the most memorable showcars of the past 35 years.

The Hall of Fame honorees, who will be commemorated in a special section of the exhibit, are certain to bring smiles of recognition to any automotive buff. Those selected will include Legends, the personalities of racing, industry and innovation; the vehicles chosen as the Greatest Rides; and Milestone Moments of distinction, such as the setting of speed records or memorable televised feats.

The Hot Wheels brand also honors the heritage of automotive culture with its line of forty-two 1:64-scale Hall Of Fame vehicles. The limited-production cars, representing the nominees in the online Hall Of Fame ballot, pay tribute to the Legends, Greatest Rides and Milestone Moments that have had a significant impact on car culture, racing and design. Each car features a clamshell package and a collectible trading card that tells the story behind the person, event or vehicle it represents. The anniversary-year line will also include the standout Hot Wheels originals Beatnik Bandit and Deora II in 1:18-scale, and a special 35th anniversary Deora and Deora II 1:64-scale set.

The Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation is located at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard (at Fairfax) in Los Angeles.