Hotwheels Octoblast - Hot Wheels Octo Blast Octablast

Trackset comes with two cars.

Hotwheels Octoblast - Hot Wheels Octo Blast OctablastIt's the ultimate battle between kid and creature! This action-packed track set has stunts, exploding crash zones and a wild octopus with kid-controlled tentacles. Kids power up the high-speed, four-way booster for a fast-paced race through the twisted tentacles of the octopus. They're in control as they launch their cars into the head of the octopus, blasting him sky high. Kids race to survive an upside-down midair jump and five exploding crash zones. Sure, in the real world your commute can seem a bit harrowing. But at least there isn't an enormous green octopus trying to destroy your car. Of course, as the Octoblast set from Hot Wheels proves, escaping an irate cephalopod can be an awful lot of fun. The track features a booster to power the cars along, and you'll need those high speeds to negotiate multiple crash zones and a midair upside-down jump. Fortunately, you're in charge of the octopus's tentacles so if you want the invertebrate menace to take it easy, he will. There are an awful lot of pieces to set up in order to create all this action, and as such the set takes a little while to put together. But the enclosed instruction book is clear so putting it all together shouldn't be that bad.

The heart of Hot Wheels' appeal lies in the thrill of speed and imagination. These tiny vehicles transport children into a world of high-speed races, daring jumps, and epic adventures, igniting their creativity as they envision dynamic scenarios on their customized tracks.