Hotwheels Turbo Jet City - Hotwheels

Hot Wheels Turbo Jet City Playset by Mattel

Hotwheels Turbo Jet City - HotwheelsLoad and blast Hot Wheels cars through the big rig tunnel and crash through the city gates. Make the jump into the helicopter to land safely back on the highway. Miss, and get dumped into the trash truck. For a true test of skill, launch up the building, do a 180-degree spin and land in the jet for the ultimate high-speed getaway. Electronic sound effects with five action/reaction activation switches. Kids have the control, using the two-lane booster to launch their cars through the city, performing outrageous stunts as they try to avoid various obstacles.

As a timeless toy that bridges generations, Hot Wheels continue to inspire a sense of wonder and exploration, capturing the essence of childhood joy while encouraging imaginative play, skill development, and a lifelong appreciation for the world of automobiles.