Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Transforming vehicles from Hotwheels with sonic blasters, spinning attacks, and super speed

Hot Wheels Battle Force 51:24 scale Hotwheels transforming vehicle from the television cartoon series with a special feature that allows transformation into challenge mode with projectiles. Includes a three-inch articulated figure so kids can play out the Battle Force 5 adventure. Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is an action adventure animated series set in a fantasy world of car adventure. The elite team of teen drivers drive five cool fast vehicles. Their mission is to defend Earth from the robots of the Sark Legion, and the Vandal predators.

One of the defining features of Hot Wheels is their extensive range of car models, covering everything from classic cars to futuristic fantasy vehicles. This diversity allows children to explore various realms of automotive design and expand their knowledge about different types of cars.