Hover Copter

Radio controlled personal RC UFO wireless flying saucer flies over twenty-five feet high and comes with recharging dock

Hover CopterThe Hover Copter a wireless flying saucer that flies over twenty-five feet high. Hovers in mid air easy to fly, it recharges in minutes and comes with multi-colored LED lights. Comes with charging base and hand controller. Blasts off like a rocket and hovers in mid-air. With the wireless radio controller, you're in command and you control how high it flies. Pilot thirty feet straight up or make it yo-yo up and down. Toss it for a mid-air launch. Invent cool tricks and games. Race two head-to-head and then challenge each other. Watch the cool LEDs change color and light up the saucer. Recharge anywhere in just minutes using the power docking Station with batteries or the included AC adapter. The rechargeable batteries can be used again and again. Amaze your friends with incredible stunts.

An R/C flying saucer toy offers a unique blend of technological wonder and imaginative play that captivates children and adults alike. Unlike traditional R/C planes or helicopters, a flying saucer evokes a sense of the unknown and the extraterrestrial, stimulating children's imaginations as they ponder what could be "out there" in the universe. The sheer joy of piloting their own UFO through the air, doing aerial flips, spins, and hovering, gives a feeling of control and accomplishment. The toy's futuristic design and glowing LED lights add to the excitement, especially when flown in a dimly lit room or outdoors at twilight. It's not just an exercise in manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination; it's an invitation to dream big, to wonder, and to explore the sky—making every flight a mini-adventure in both the real and imagined worlds.