Hydro Strike

Win or get wet.

Hydro StrikeUse the flippers to get the ball to your opponent's side. If you hit his goal, you score a point and he gets sprayed with water. Just pump it up. No batteries required. Get ready for the fun. For 2 players, ages 7 and up.

Water-squirting toys add a delightful and interactive dimension to playtime that most children find irresistibly fun. Whether it's a water gun, a squirt toy shaped like an animal, or even a bath toy, the element of water injects excitement and unpredictability into the game. The act of squirting water taps into a child's natural desire for sensory play, allowing them to explore the world through touch, sight, and even sound as the water splashes. These toys not only cool kids down on hot summer days but also encourage outdoor play and physical activity. Running, aiming, and dodging all contribute to gross motor development while having a blast with friends or family. For many kids, water-squirting toys become the highlight of pool parties, beach outings, and backyard adventures, promoting social interaction and cooperative play skills.