iCarly Sam's Remote

Sound effects just like on the iCarly show

iCarly Sam's RemoteiCarly Sam's Remote produces sound effects just like on the iCarly show, including applause, boo's, sound bites, and even the famous random dancing announcement. You can use Sam's remote around your home, with your friends, or even when creating your own web show. All the sound effects are recorded on a chip on the device. Pushing the buttons activates the sounds.

"iCarly," a popular American teen sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2012, quickly became a cultural phenomenon among young viewers. The show centered around Carly Shay, portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove, who creates a web series along with her friends Sam and Freddie. Known for its comedic elements, quirky characters, and relatable teenage scenarios, "iCarly" resonated with its audience by blending humor and real-life experiences in the digital age.