iMessage Girl Doll

Barbie and friends come with text messaging phones through which girls can send messages to the dolls or to each other

iMessage Girl DollBarbie friend comes with an instant messaging phone with real working text messaging feature. Girls can send real messages to Barbie doll and receive a message back. Girls can also send messages to friends who have an I Message Girl doll too. Barbie comes with an extra face plate, trendy fashions, and a cool messenger bag. Check out her hip hairstyles and jewelry too.

The concept of dolls that can send and receive instant messages adds an entirely new dimension to the world of imaginative play. These interactive dolls not only serve as a child's beloved companion but also as a gateway to a fantastical world where instant communication becomes part of the story. Children can role-play scenarios where they send their dolls on adventures, missions, or simple day-to-day errands, all while staying in 'contact' through messaging. The real-time interactivity allows kids to feel a deeper sense of connection with their dolls, making the narrative more vivid and the play more engaging. It fosters emotional and cognitive development by encouraging children to think about dialogue, context, and story development. For many kids, this provides a seamless blend of the real and the imaginary, offering a technologically enriched form of traditional play that resonates with the digital age. The novelty of instant messaging integrated into a doll captures the imagination and keeps playtime fresh, exciting, and full of endless possibilities.