Jam and Glam Tour Bus Barbie

Trendy rock and roll Barbie

Jam and Glam Tour Bus BarbieTourbus: Barbie and her friends Christie and Teresa are on a rock & roll tour in their Jam 'n' Glam tour bus, and they are certainly doing it in style. This purple-and-pink tour bus features a foldout stage (complete with stage lights and disco balls) and sound system (in case the venue falls through), futuristic tables and chairs, and costume closet. The top folds down for shade when the gals want to dine alfresco on their pizza, sodas, and bottled water, and best of all, the back folds down to reveal a double sink and mirror set so two glamorous gals can get ready at the same time. The whole bus is decorated with flowers and color--even the guitars are blooming. Barbie and her friends Christie and Teresa are on a rock & roll tour in their Jam 'n' Glam tour bus (sold separately). They are decked out in the latest rocker fashions and accessories, complete with brightly colored hair extensions, Madonna-style headset microphones, sunglasses, and CDs. For concert appearances, Barbie's long mane of hair rotates to reveal a shock of purple locks.

Glamorous and fashionable dolls offer a captivating world of creativity and imagination for young children. These dolls go beyond traditional play by allowing kids to explore the realms of fashion and style. With their chic outfits, trendy accessories, and attention to detail, these dolls provide an opportunity for children to experiment with different looks, mix and match clothing, and even create their own unique fashion statements. Whether dressing them up for red carpet events, runway shows, or everyday adventures, these dolls spark imaginative play that encourages storytelling, role-playing, and an appreciation for aesthetics. The fun lies not only in adorning the dolls with stylish ensembles but also in the narratives that emerge, fostering a sense of self-expression and an early understanding of individuality and fashion trends.