Jammin Draw Music Art Toy

A great toy for those long drives.

Jammin Draw Music Art ToyThis keyboard and easel combination offers children a creative leap between two art forms: drawing and music composition. The idea is to place a piece of paper on the drawing pad (it can be a blank sheet or one of the coloring book pictures included), turn on the music pad, and compose original music as the pressure from the moving markers magically projects an electronic tune. All the while, the keyboard plays an inspiring background melody. Young artists can choose from a variety of musical styles, including country, classical, rock, world music, and techno. Artists can even hear their spontaneous compositions using the playback button, and recorded songs stay in the memory banks even after the power is turned off. This toy is not as complicated as it may seem. In fact, it's an easy and playful way for children to channel their aural and visual senses into an inventive activity. The set comes with a musical pad, three felt-tipped markers, and drawing paper.

A playset that combines art and music taps into the universal languages of creativity and expression, offering children a rich, multi-sensory experience. Such a playset not only allows kids to explore different artistic media like drawing, painting, or crafting, but also lets them experiment with sounds, rhythms, and melodies. This dual engagement stimulates multiple areas of the brain, enhancing cognitive and motor skills. The interactive nature of combining art and music also makes learning more playful and enjoyable. Children can see their art come to life through music or create visual representations of the sounds they make, encouraging them to think outside the box and explore endless possibilities. This fosters a holistic understanding of how different forms of art can interact and complement each other, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of both music and visual arts.