Smackers Jewel Lip Gloss

For girls who love jewels.

Smackers Jewel Lip GlossLip Gloss is the hottest product around, and now you can make some of your own. You'll treasure these Jewel flavors of sparkly lip gloss for days to come. There are 3 flavors - Opal Watermelon, Strawberry Garnet Glaze, and Diamond Icing - to mix with a moisturizing glittery gloss base. The flavors are great on their own, or mix together for custom blends. Fill a watch bracelet bangle, a locket, and a ring with the gloss and treat your lips royally.

The allure of a lip gloss crafting kit taps into multiple facets of a child's imagination and creativity. Offering an array of flavors and glitter options, the kit allows children to mix and match ingredients, experimenting to create their very own signature gloss. This hands-on experience not only fosters an understanding of basic chemistry through mixing and formulation but also lets kids explore their artistic side through the incorporation of colors and glitter. The satisfaction of using a self-crafted lip gloss is immensely rewarding for a child, providing a sense of achievement and independence. Additionally, the variety of flavors adds a sensory delight to the experience, engaging both taste and smell. What's more, these homemade creations make for perfect gifts for friends and family, adding a layer of social interaction and joy to the process. Overall, a lip gloss crafting kit delivers a blend of science, art, and fun, making it a hit for children of various ages.