Kick and Play Piano

This soft, fabric-covered keyboard is alive with color, lights, sounds, and friendly animal faces.

Kick and Play PianoWhat a great way to encourage baby's natural kicking motion. When baby touches or kicks the piano, music and sounds play as twinkling lights dance along to each song. Different settings help baby learn letters, animal names and sounds, shapes, colors, and numbers. And when baby is ready for concerts outside the crib, the keys play notes like a piano. Easy attach crib straps, on/off switch and volume control, and automatic shut-off.

A fabric-covered musical keyboard designed for infants offers a wealth of developmental benefits, especially when it can be activated by kicking and features vibrant colors, lights, sounds, and friendly animal faces. These elements collectively engage the baby's senses—sight, sound, and touch—providing a rich sensory experience. The act of kicking to activate the keyboard teaches the infant about cause-and-effect, helping them realize that their actions produce results. This serves as an early lesson in physical coordination and cognitive development. Additionally, the lights and animal faces add visual stimuli, while the varied sounds contribute to auditory development. The fabric texture also gives the infant tactile stimulation, making it a well-rounded learning tool. For parents, it offers a practical way to keep the baby entertained in their crib, offering moments of respite for busy caregivers. Overall, a kick-activated, multi-sensory keyboard enriches an infant's developmental journey while making it fun.