Kids Bop 6

Eighteen tracks of classic pop hits and dance remixes that are perfect for parties and sure to be loved by children

Kids Bop 6Sixth CD in the kids music series includes the following eighteen songs: With You, This Love, Come Clean, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, The Reason, You Don't Know My Name, Toxic, My Immortal, Me, Myself and I, Hold On, The First Cut Is the Deepest, Ocean Avenue, Burn, Meant To Live, I'm Still In Love With You, Beautiful, All Star, and Sk8ter Boi.

Kidz Bop has become more than just a music franchise—it's a cultural phenomenon that encourages kids to express themselves through music and dance. The Kidz Bop Dance Along videos and tutorials further enhance this interactive experience, empowering children to groove to the beat and develop their coordination and rhythm.